Who Am I?

Born in London and raised in Essex, I now reside between the two. I am a singer-songwriter and have spent the past few years completing my BA degree in Music & English and American Literature at The University of Kent. I am currently in the final months of my Master’s degree in Music Industry Management and Artist Development at The University of West London. Aside from my education, I enjoy reading, journaling, attempting to exercise, and socialising with friends (now via Zoom).

With the Black Lives Matter movement entering into the spotlight, this informal blog will primarily concentrate on discussing controversies that the media has brought to light. What you will find in this blog is an expression of my own personal feelings and experiences. Each blog post will be a reflection of my point of view and hopefully, it will inspire you to form your own perspective or help you articulate your thoughts and feelings.

Erina xox

Behind the Name: TO BE THE BLACK SHEEP
‘To be the Black sheep’ usually means you are considered to be the disgrace in a group. The odd one out. The one who doesn’t know how to “fall in line”. Like many teachings in life, these sayings subliminally convince us that Black is bad. To move forward with our learning, we need to unlearn.

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