Introduction: Hi! My Name is Erina, like the O2 but Spelt Differently.

For those who know me, I know you are cringing at the title of this blog post and I AM SORRY HAHA. 

I came up with this catchphrase when I was at school because it used to make me feel so on edge when people used to try and say my name. It is quite ironic really, the most common response I got when people learned my name was “that’s an interesting name!”. Which now has me thinking…if it’s such an “interesting” name, why can’t people remember how to pronounce it?

My name is Erina, like the O2 but spelt differently. For those who are unsure what I am referring to, the O2 is a concert arena in Greenwich, London that can seat up to 20,000 people. My thought process was that “everyone knows the O2, I will just liken myself to the O2 and maybe that will help people to remember my name”.

Wrong Erina.

If your name is not “typically British ” or it might be deemed as “uncommon”, it is not up to you teach people or come up with ways to help people remember it. 

Your name deserves to be learned and remembered. Just like a Lucy, just like a Henry and just like a Thomas. 

Yes, your name might require you to have more patience when people are in the process of learning it. But let them get there on their own. 

By doing so, you will allow them to correct their unintentional ignorance and this will help them grow and adapt to a world filled with a multitude of “uncommon” names.


My name is Erina, like Erina but spelt like Erina.

I am so excited to start blogging and I hope you find this blog a safe space to learn more, comment with questions and stories and relate to my own experiences. If you would like some more background information about me, please click on the ‘About’ section of this website. I look forward to sharing more of myself with you in future blogs!

See you soon.

Erina xox

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